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Welcome to my temple of life! I always crave a life of independence and being an entrepreneur, having my own business. I actually grew up with entrepreneurs and it felt as if it was in my blood. It didn't take me long to figure out this was my path. I never wanted to work for anyone else but I had to admit there was a learning curve and I think it's a skill set and it takes guts. 

I grew up being active, focused on yoga and holistic lifestyle, yoga was my thing even before it was hip. I did 2 teacher trainings 1 starting at 20 the other one in mid life as I was more mature to understand it.  I couldn't live without the holistic living, intuition, mindset and self worth, feeling good in body, mind and spirit, it is my quest even when the world is chaotic, most of the time it is. 

I think it's awesome that there is a wave of female entrepreneurs, I consider it the place I call home, women and leadership, creative artists and influencers.

So lets face it, if you are not stepping into your own business as a leader then you might be sabotaging yourself and require a new mindset that this can bring you new results from the inside out. 

It is known the only thing holding you back from a spirit based business is distractions or mindset and maybe new friends,

I know you can get a handle on both. 

Are you ready to take the leap?

How to start using your mindset to shift your paradigm?

This is a very important aspect of personal growth. It is always our mind that takes us out of the game.

We need to really harness the mind every day to believe we can achieve what you want to. 

Our subconscious thinking is something that has been handed down to us from our family and ancestors.

Now matter what situation you are in today, make it a top priority to make the changes in your life

by focusing on your mindset. Move our thoughts to transformation and bliss. These are subconscious thoughts that are controlling us and we need to stop the old story and create a new one. We need to eliminate ancestor stories and give up struggle to bliss once and for all. 



Lets' get you ready to rise up to the Success you Desire.  We will work out the sharing story and then set the new powerful vision of your life in place.  That will be the first start of this journey. I am a certified Life Coach with Gina DeVee Life and Business Coach Academy. I gained  excellent skills in coaching, and it's time to take your power back and be the best version of yourself.

Good bye and eliminate the limiting belief systems, reverse engineer your new story. Let's deep dive into what your really want to do in your life. Live it like it's already done, be tuned to your body and heal the story of yourself. You can do this and I will be your mentor that has your back.



Jane is A Life and BIZ coach, a holistic arts mentor and curator of images, photographer, focuses on helping  women to build a life created around their freedom . she is a supporter of women ENTREPRENEURS that WANTS TO makes an impact IN THE WORLD BEING THEMSELVES AND MAKING MONEY and branding themselves. 

Jane Morba started her first yoga teacher training at 20, studied women's studies, psychology and the visual arts.  Jane has been a photojournalist, portrait photographer, designer, modern sage and trailblazer.  She transcends her wisdom towards encouraging and setting a biz strategy for creative entrepreneurs.

Through life coaching, mindset, with a wide range tools so women can tap into their passions, pleasure and power and basically live anywhere they want in the world through multiple streams of income.  

She is focused on globally building financial independence and branding services as an intuitive artist. Her truth is to create safety into the consciousness of women to trust their power to continually lead towards success, wealth, power and holistic lifestyle and sales. 

Be the inner sage you want to be in the world. 

Jane lives in New Jersey, frequents Florida, Las Vegas near the red rock desert She appreciates holistic living, wants to do a documentary film, find true love and travel and write a book and a podcast.

Jane is a modern wisdom transformational teacher and has decades of collaborative experience with new thought leaders and ancient teachers to bring forth more healing, growth and understanding into our lives with determination and success skills. . With many tools such as dancing, yoga, movement, meditation, self care, the time is always available to challenge our directions and Jane can do this with her clients with compassion and feminine divine energy. 


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This is about finding out what you want to bring into the world and get clarity in your business, brand, products and services.

We will talk about your brand, and business and see where I can help you achieve more wealth, collaboration and holistic lifestyle and teams so you can make an impact in the world. We will review your brand, and issues to success. 

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Time has come where you are ready to create a life with more purpose of making money

You are cultural but no longer want to be lead by the rules and the past, society or any messages that held you back. You are completely over and done with lack, overwhelm and despair just because the universe and you have not aligned to your vision.  I am assured that very likely you are missing one last piece to make this all come together for you. This comes beyond a simple system but a unique energetic understanding that mindset is to the core . We are called to tune into ourselves more than ever and having a mentor and guide is vital to the path of success.



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