Destiny for Stellar Feminine Living


WELCOME to the success of an empowered women who redefines her own pursuit of livelihood.

The one life you finally been ready to live with a bigger vision.

Empowered Women living with emotional intelligence holistic personal brand curation.

This can’t be done alone as it is time to connect to your higher possibilities. As a mentor my clients are offered a high vibration in their larger in flow towards success life style.

Destiny Within

Any place that stops you is your essence coming shining through.

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Intuitive Wisdom Life Coach

    Self empowerment + one to one + self love + mission message / learn the holistic lifestyle for ageless vitality and high frequency wealth creation.

Assessment on Lifestyle, Biz, Mission.

Start a new identity and Up level your Visionary Life

2 hour 1:1 breakthrough lifestyle sessions available.

Stellar Lifestyle is where we discovering your pleasure, passion and purpose is about redesign your holistic lifestyle connected to your success. 

Introduction of Self Love, Happiness, High Frequency, Vibration, drop the Past.  

2 months to 6 months

Private Intuitive Life Coaching 

Empowerment, Self Love, Business and Intuitive Life Coaching with many aspects of transformation.

Claim your power, your vibration, love, frequency…This is your time, this is your potenial and we can activate your emotional vibration and intelligence.


* life style business

*intuitive integration

* iconic brand essence

* money mindset

  • style expert

  • branding

  • relationship building

* go pro holistic business with trainings on social media and interpersonal relationships.  

Stellar Living is being in your higher frequency and design in combination with mindset and body, mind and soul protocol


 2 to 6 months coaching, global lifestyle VIP intensive, mindset, feminine based business and personal branding, style, health.

personal goals

oils protocol that will empower and lift your body, soul, mind and vibration.

“Without this women, I would not be on the journey I am on”,

Jane Morba is an Intuitive Life and Wisdom Coach for women who are seeking self love and empowerment for women internationally in an trusted way.

Mastery of feminine empowerment in wealth and health and going pro with activation in wealth consciousness.  I invested greatly in branding and programs, signature systems and internet and social media  training and I have a dazzling service to support women with their feminine alchemy and redefined your connection to make money online so they can be less co-dependent and create money in product sales or signature system. 

I have experience in personal style, as a energy worker,  photographer,  trained in branding, holistic arts, curator, ecstatic and journey dance and personal growth. I love to travel and create my expression. My inspiration is for clients to achieve and focus on being  leaders globally so they can live anywhere they want in the world and receive all their desires.



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