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Jane has a love to support people’s transformation on their wellness and empowerment path, stepping into what they deserve in life. She is also leads women to step into their midlife with new found belief systems and wellness practices to thrive with an Essential Oils Team with doTerra.

You are invited to start your next act, be your own leader in the essential oils biz and design a holistic life style where you trust your desires so you can start manifesting the life you want to live.


My goal is to bring in my values, platform and vision in all my connections and relationships and to build a wellness biz with a holistic life I love.

Teaching leaders to trust their desires to create a new way of thinking.

Here you make quick empowered choices in your new life style things will begin to change. I am committed to meditation, journaling, yoga, and the path to inspire others on this journey.

By choosing a solid feminine journey you receive your calling of a 5 to 6 figure platform.

This is the lady CEO mindset strategy and vibrant living with networking online and off.



If you want a state of flow and ease into your life it is time to tap into your intuitive feminine well-being.

Women, we are wired for ambition without burnout. So design your style and ways of being with your high frequency. Invite selfless ambition in your life and dissolve the limitations while creating a life of self love, self care and limitless potenial.


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Life Style with Global Essential Oils is a path that invites wellness beauty and empowerment


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Be coachable with your wellness and holistic living team: be coachable and design the life you are motivated by.


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Support your team with accountability with structure and systems.



Rise up in deeper empowered wellness lifestyle and self love, beauty and freedom .


About Jane

As a Certified Life Coach : Wellness Empowerment Mentor in vibrancy self motivated embodiment and success. I work with women to create a lifestyle that is connected their desires. This is a platform to take the stand for self care. Born and raised in New Jersey I spent some time in the Central Coast of California and have found that it is a journey to keep evolving to the best parts of myself and sharing that with others from arts to the wellness in a holistic lifestyle.

Influenced in women’s studies, fine art photography, yoga teacher, healing arts and a professional photographer. I love to blend eastern and western ways of thinking, personal growth, life coaching and a holistic wellness platform with essential oils and a growing team. Practicing happiness, journaling, gratitude and compassion in my team and all my relationships.

As a photographer on the west coast, performing weddings, portrait’s and photojournalism and Wanderlust Yoga retreats. As a Holistic Mentor for women in midlife to rock their essential oils biz and wellness platform living well is the quest. I am half Armenian and Polish the story is the immigrant one within her heritage. Accompanied her mother on many trips from Aspen ski trips to Hawaii before Black Sand Beaches and skiing were wildly cool I found my own path. Finding home is always important to my mission and creating sacred space in body, mind and soul is transformational.

My parents are deaf so she has grown up in the deaf community and signing is part of her life lending to a sensitive mindful experience.

After hundreds of weddings and partnership documented, I decided to move back east drop the camera and redefine my brand in a different light, my path is to be influenced by a sensual way of being and committed to a personal growth, coaching and the essential oils biz to build sovereignity in my product and go for residual income.

My experience behind the camera was pushed forward in front of the camera offering a new visibility to my desires. I am focused on building a new expansion with women in various countries. From masterminds to co-creation. Here my truth is to create a shift of mindset and belief that women are to rise up and trust their power of ambition, and a lifestyle they love and a pleasure life with fulfillment. Celebrate by the winning success and live anywhere they want in the world is my motto.

I reclaimed my life through bodywork, and multi level marketing to support my vision and helping others to do the same. Essential oils gave me back my health, and I am here to focus on a new life for women as our feminine mentor so we can all make decisive living a priority. I am here to share high levels of mindset strategy with you along with feminine principles. Living from our own embodiment and lifestyle is where we create our values at our core. I consider leadership an opportunity for growth.

Time is now to take a leap and have faith in our vision.

She frequents Las Vegas near the red rock canyon and taps into spirituality, empowerment and building with her amazing team.

Join the Wellness and Empowerment, make yourself a priority, it’s not selfish it is self caring and leading at it’s finest.

Once I decided that my vision mattered it shifted my whole purpose to take my life to another level. As a network marketer, coach and essential oils advocate. This is the best time to be an fementrepreneur, building your team and sharing the power of the oils.


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