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ARE you ready for a radiant empowered LIFE?

Your Vitality/ Your Knowledge/ Your Wisdom /Your Body /Your Abundance






Feeling burnt out and over worked

Feeling Unfulfilled and stressed out

Feeling isolated

lack of joy outside of work

Life goes by and you’re loosing your energy and vitality, but you know something needs to change. Whether you’ve looking to loose that fat, feel fit and young again or you’ve having trouble sleeping at night looking for a more sound sleep, keep on because we have the right solution for you to step out on stage lead with your beauty radiance and sensuality


This is the focus on your new pathway, it’s all about a new mindset, detoxification, self care and accessing your beauty and fluidity so you start dressing your style, move with your own rhythms and be in the highest vibration as an Empress and Leader.


Your goals is to create a ageless vitality and design a holistic lifestyle you love.

Magnetizing your new self image, trust your inner desires and to create a new way of thinking, believing in yourself again.

By making empowered choices in your new life style things will begin to change. We will have you rock out your iconic vision. Learn to commit to meditation, journaling, mindful body practices like yoga, and your own rhythms, learn how to rest and play towards the right path to win.

This is the time of the lady CEO so mindset strategy and vibrant living with your beauty on and off is designed to support you, drop the burnout and rise to the Rebel with Dazzle.

Believe in yourself, find your radiance, beauty and power.


If you want a state of flow and ease into your life it is time to tap into your longevity and ageless vitality.

Women, we are wired for community, masterminds and trust. So start trusting yourself, your quality of life with style and ways of being with your highest frequency. Invite selfless ambition in your life and dissolve the limitations, old beliefs and stories, because all the while creating a life of limitless potenial, our sisterhood is waiting for you.

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Global Essential Oils is a path that invites wellness empowerment

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Discover your wellness and holistic lifestyle and surround yourself with a coachable and training in networking.


Support team with structure and systems, everything is replicated.

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Rise up in deeper empowered wellness lifestyle beauty and freedom


About Jane

As a Certified Life Coach : Wellness Empowerment Mentor focused on ageless vitality, vibrancy and self motivated femininity and embodiment. I work with the most amazing women to create a lifestyle that is connected their desires. This is a platform that is all about wellbeing to dazzle a lifestyle to be truly alive and authentic. There is nothing more beautiful than a women in process and in her beauty.

Born and raised in New Jersey I spent some time in the Central Coast of California and have found that it is a journey that keeps evolving to the best parts of myself to shine in the world.

Influenced by university in women’s studies, fine art photography, yoga teacherings, healing arts and decades as a professional photographer, I have excessive education in the wellness field and the arts.

I love to blend eastern and western ways of thinking, personal growth, life coaching and a holistic wellness platform with essential oils and a community of new thought leaders. Practicing happiness, journaling, gratitude and compassion in my team and all my relationships is part of my humanitarian process.

I was a photographer on the west coast, performing weddings, portrait’s, created a new brand Stellar Luxe, through my photojournalism process of documenting Wanderlust Yoga retreats in Vermont.

Now, as a Holistic Mentor for women in ageless vitality and longevity in midlife, to unfold their essential oils biz and wellness platform living well is my quest. I am half Armenian and Polish , my story is the immigrant journey within my heritage. Accompanied her mother on many trips from Aspen ski trips to Hawaiian Black Sand Beaches all before they were wildly cool

I been inspired by my own path of arts and wellness. Finding home is always important to my mission and creating sacred space in body, mind and soul is my transformational journey.

As a radiant ageless vitality coach for go getter women who are ready to live with confidence and wellbeing.

Her passion is focused on bringing women to access their desires and holistically connect to their mindset, detoxing and beauty. She was a yoga teacher, massage therapist, and photographer.  As a doTerra Essential Oils educator she works with women to live a design a life that is mindfully alive in their bigger passion of health and wealth.

Jane supports those ready to transform their lives and vitality with an empowerment path by stepping into what they deserve in life. She inspires with innovation for women to reflect into their own midlife with new found belief systems and wellness practices.

She believes in living in the heart and true power.

My parents are deaf so I grew up in the deaf community and signing is part of her life lending to a sensitive mindful experience for others.

I documented hundreds of weddings and documented numerous events, After a successful career that left me burnt out and a failed relationship. I decided to move back east, drop the camera and redefine my brand in a different light, my path is to be influenced by a sensual way of being and committed to a personal growth, coaching and the essential oils biz to build sovereignity in my product line and go for residual income.

My experience behind the camera was pushed forward in front of the camera offering a new visibility to my desires. I am focused on building a new expansion with women in various countries. From masterminds to co-creation. Here my truth is to create a shift of mindset and belief that women are to rise up and trust their power of ambition, and a lifestyle they love and a pleasure life with fulfillment. Celebrate by the winning success and live anywhere they want in the world is my motto.

I reclaimed my life through bodywork, and multi level marketing to support my vision and helping others to do the same. Essential oils gave me back my health, and I am here to focus on a new life for women as our feminine mentor so we can all make decisive living a priority. I am here to share high levels of mindset strategy with you along with feminine principles. Living from our own embodiment and lifestyle is where we create our values at our core. I consider leadership an opportunity for growth.

Time is now to take a leap and have faith in our vision.

I frequent Las Vegas near the red rock canyon and tap into branding, wealth and wellnessand building with her amazing team.

Join the Ageless Vitality Wellness and Women’s Empowerment, make yourself a priority, it’s not selfish it is self caring that is leading us into it’s finest path of actualization.

Once I decided that my vision mattered it shifted my whole purpose to take my life to another level. As a network marketer, coach and essential oils advocate, the world of humanity and community opened up to me. This is the best time to be an fementrepreneur, building your team and sharing the power of the oils will heal your life and expand your wealth.


stellar luxe



Ready to help?

wellbeing and empowerment

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Radiant Ageless Vitality Program


Personalized guidance for 40+ busy go-getter women entrepreneurs who are ready to bring their energy, health and social life back while loving their body again.

90 day Private Coaching Program to Extraordinary Health, Beauty and Longevity with Ageless Vitality Coach Jane Morba


Are you ready to bring your energy back, to look and feel young again?

You know it’s time to take your life back but right now you’re

  • Feeling burnt out and over worked

  • Feeling unfulfilled and stressed out

  • Feeling isolated, without joy outside of work

    LIFE goes by and you’re loosing your energy and vitality, but you know something needs to change. Whether you’re looking to loose that extra weight, create more metabolism, find your high vibe feminine frequency, you know something needs to change.

    Hi, I am JANE MORBA and I’ve been there. I remember when I could barely get myself up from the bed, get dressed and get goin. It became a chore.

  • I started gaining weight and the fat invaded my body. For months I tried to work out and burnt out that fat, but I had 0 results. I was feeling so frustrated because I never had to deal with a weight problem before.

  • But it really threw me out of my way and got into a very dark place. When I looked into the mirror I just couldn’t recognize the woman in front of me.

  • I didn’t realize how focusing only on my business it would make me ignore the other important parts of my life such as my beauty, health and social life.

  • Everyone who knows me knew I was a very creative, positive and wild woman. And yet, where was that woman?

    I knew I had to find a way to bring my life and energy back. So I decided to find my way. And that’s when everything changed.

  • I discovered there is a way to grow older, but look and feel younger, to loose weight without complicated training and to have a social life while building a successful business online. And there is a way to have more energy and sleep better at night.

  • And on my healing journey. I relied that my greatest fear was that I wouldn’t have to sacrifice my core desires and my health in order to be successful. I was afraid that I could not have success, love and health at the same time. I was afraid to let my true light shine and I thought I should please others in order to be accepted. But that was further from the truth.

  • Once I changed that belief. I started making different choices in my life. I started changing my habits, introduced different routines and rituals an slowly but surely I started living a healthy lifestyle. I invited color in my life, I started caring about myself, my body, my energy and let go of taking care of everyone else but me. I found my own vitality. it inspired my body to move, my clothes to support my vision and my lifestyle to live my truth.

  • I have both a business I love and time to take care of my precious body to nourish it and love it again, and recapturing my younger self. I wake up energized and I feel alive every single day. I’m living with passion and purpose serving women in their journey to feeling beautiful, sexy and healthy while getting their energy and social life back.

  • And I’m here to support you.

  • Would you like to feel younger more alive, and balanced in your life?


Jane is so amazing! She is a great listener and uses that to help pull deeply from within you too get you where you need to be! She was so instrumental in my journey to begin finding my voice and holistic brand message! I wouldn't be anywhere near as far as I am without her hep! Thank you for everything Jane! LOVE you Lady!


Jane is a creative force of nature. Working with Jane while going through the major transition of moving to another country allowed me to be present within my feminine holistic business and beauty. Her words and support ere exactly what I needed to be seen in my experience. Jane elicits fun, compassion and understanding in her coaching sessions. Thank you Jane for the magical work you do on this planet.



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Imagine being visible to your radiance, beauty and vitality.

Imagine creating a freedom based lifestyle where you make a shift in your holistic routines connecting to your spirit, body and mind in a vibrant way.

Imagine once and for all your strengthen by your new core practices of passion and in gratitude knowing in your core your rhythms, and soul rituals.

I want to be clear this is not for the uncommitted women, this is for those who are decisive to take their lives to another level, to claim the life they desire in love and beauty.

This is not for the women who have tried things before and still come up short and have not committed to the full on process. This is for women who compassionately, understand their struggle and dropped the overwhelm, sacrificed their own path and decided that vitality and longevity are daily decisions of actionable focus of beauty, acceptance and their feminine path.

If you feel you tried everything, the guy, diets, but nothing worked, I get it. I tried that too, but this is not another gym exercise you can have with your personal trainer or tasteless diet. This is a total



I am introducing the Radiant Ageless Vitality Program

  • Discover how to nourish and stimulate our body, mind and spirit to have more energy

  • Learn how to connect so you can have a healthy positive quality of life.

  • Align to Abundance in your life, interconnectedness, self and develop radiance from the inside out and glow inside.

  • Activate your Freedom and start traveling again

  • Feel free to express your true desires.

  • Feel confident in your Rhythms and Start Standing Out.

  • Learn about Essential Oils and Healthy Habits.

  • Step into our Goddess and Empress with Beauty as an Icon

  • Let go of fatigue and build stamina

  • Get into a Vegetarian Diet with Ease

  • Claim your Freedom with your Vision and Voice

  • Activate your illuminated Skin Routines

  • Be a Holistic Advocate with your Knowledge

  • Feel Sensual again and decide to Date

  • Drop the Co-dependency and Be a Goddess

Ready to say yes to yourself

You will say good bye to being invisible and say hello to the holistic freedom based lifestyle

Attract the dream team to bring your wellness holistic adventures to life

Travel to beautiful Exotic Locations with your soul rituals and tap into your beauty, vibrancy and illumination. Trust yourself first and design a global lifestyle

The Brand PIllars of Transformation

Together we will be focusing on the three main pillars

Shifting your mindset

Detoxing your Body

Creating a New Lifestyle

STEP 1 : Shifting Spiritual Mindset Create the practices to design an impactful life based on your connection to source

STEP 2: Detox the past habits and claim a new frequency. Get to the core of what is holding you back and develop a strong sense of willpower

STEP 3: Discover your Inner Sense of Movement and Rhythms. Tap into your strength as a woman and your own routines that set you on fire.

STEP 4: Essential Oils Healthy Habits Regain and Restore your own cellular longevity added with vision of using oils and commitment daily to live longer

STEP 5: Self Care is your priority to general wellness and design it artfully Your self care together is set in motion and the lifestyle of daring greatly with confidence in your life with passion.

STEP 6: Trust your Beauty and your Inner Iconic style.Fiercely choose your commitment to your magnetism in the world put this activation together.


Intake form

10: 1:1 mentorship

6 modules

lifetime access

accountability sheets and feedback weekly

what’s app communication


pdfs of wellness routines


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A morning meditation chakra balancing to anchor our body and mind daily

Beauty Style Guide

Overview of eat for your blood type

If you act now you will receive a Style for your Energy overview

The Value of the PROGRAM

You’ll get the Radiant Vitality Sessions value at ($2500)

6 templates value at ($997)

Bonus of 3 guides of your personality value at ($297)

Bonus Movement Formulas ($197)

Detox 10 day formula to transform your body ($97)

Total Value - ($4200)

The price is for $997 or 3 payments of $350 if you act now

The process

Once you click the button and be redirected to enrolling, then you will receive a thank you and download your package to fill in your questionnaire where I can learn about you, your story and desires. You will have access

to my calendar so you can book your first session right away.

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Are you ready to feel alive, healthy, and get your energy back to my core.
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