Focus on True Desires that Light you Up!


DESIRES:  What are your true desires that light you up in all parts of your life.

When you step into being a women in power you step into being who you are meant to be. 

In the desires we are talking about not just getting by but thriving in your life. I want you to look at all the important parts of your life and reflect on how each one will look like.

Spiritual, Financial, Relationship and Friendship, Lifestyle Vision.  This will very much as a visionary to allow you to step into connecting to your ideal client and also your big WHY. 

The Why is because it connects with your soul path, do you want to have more support in your biz and lifestyle? Do you want to travel to more tropical and exotic ports of call. 

Have a better body with more energy and vision in places that light you up. To have a network of people that support your vision. You are stirring into your place of desires every day but we need to pay attention to these intuitive callings and I recommend we vision board and develop a journal process to keep connected to those. 

Possibly you are managing a new business and networking or designing a new life. 


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