Vibrant Living with Essential Oils

I learned that in the process of supporting my body by the use of doTerra essential oils that I am less desperate and more in my upbeat energy. It’s a confident pathway where I can make an impact through being exquisite in my routines at the same time and live a stellar holistic life.

In this sacred space, we get out of our own way and set clear intentions, then we can drop the struggle and desperation. Setting intention in the morning, spiritually, emotionally and physically we allow ourselves to grow in abundant ways. I call it the Sacred Femme Luxe Journey.

A good mantra is, the universe supports my body so I can achieve amazing things today and apply these powerful oils for my health.

Communicating visually within our mindset becomes even more important in all we do. Tapping into our authentic nature, using holistic essential oils which both can make a conscious impact into our lives on a daily basis. Visually we can be more determined to live with our ageless vitality this way.

Next, our voices need not be drowned out by a bad set of static sounds so why should your scents be dull. Enliven our scents. This about how many times you walk into a place and the energetics are not at your high vibe. Easily, by applying essential oils we are protecting ourselves from disruptive energies and healing our bodies at the same time.

It’s like walking into a space with the power of essential oils supporting your body and system optimally behind the scenes.

Knowledge of aromatherapy is a high vibrational healing practice in your own tool box at all times, especially when we travel, being in our local communities and nurturing our own families.

DoTerra means the “Gifts of the Earth”.

What are Essential Oils? You hear so much about them. Essentials are volatile aromatic compounds found in the plant, bark, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of the plant.

It protects plants against environmental threats and provide beneficial properties. Highly concentrated when distilled for purity, potency and efficacy. Used for centuries for beauty treatment and health care practices.

DoTerra oils are CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. They are sourced from a global network of growers to ensure the most pure essential oils.

They are free of harmful contaminants. Empowering Solutions and provide health conscious individuals with a safe and natural alternative for health and healing.

They are co-impact sourced cultivating partnerships with artisans and small scale growers and distilleries.

They also empower growers, families and communities in impoverished nations and have a Healing Hands Foundation supporting numerous charities.

That is why Doterra is an amazing trusted source.

You can use the oils Aromatically, Internally and Topically.

Aromatic is when diffused or inhaled.

Internal oils can be used as a dietary supplement for targeted wellness

Topically can be safely applied for massage and on our skin which goes in our blood stream quickly for healing.

The benefits of becoming a doterra member is that you receive wholesale prices 25% below retail. Become a Member through the Loyalty Rewards Program.

Purchase monthly to receive up to 30% of our order back in product points.

Product points may be redeemed for FREE products.

Whatever path you take with doterra, if it is living the doterra lifestyle, sharing the essential oils or building a business you always have the option to grow.

I am excited to share these amazing oils and my goddess tribe and with you globally.

When you personally experience the benefits of essential oils, you will naturally want to share and tell others. DoTerra products provide natural health benefits, They do not register as drugs and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure disease or make that claim.

They are amazing essentials that you can see for yourself.

As a life coach, brand alchemist and networker, I am passionate about living holistically with our authentic truth, expression and making money on a mission.

To learn more reach out to Jane Morba at Vibrant Living to have an opportunity to grow, use and build a business. Sign up for a free 30 minute consultation on your own vibrant living.

jane morba is EMPRESS Influencer and a vibrant living holistic wellness advocate. She has a secret 7 steps for feminine energy of confidence. She believes that we as goddesses need to claim our desires and go after our dreams in all parts of our lives, relationships, career, money and style and live anywhere we want in the world and be fully expressive doing it. She lives in NJ but called Las Vegas and the Red Rocks my sacred home. Reach out at: for a high frequency chat.