You know the feminine goddess is alive and well. Everywhere you turn we are being influenced by her story in endless ways. In politics, home and health with activism.

It allows reflection on our own story. I ask you where was the missing piece in life where you stopped dreaming, dancing and soaring. Those are always clues to restart and rejuvenate your new story ahead of you.

For instance, In the mythology of Goddess work their is a Goddess that Jean Shinoda Bolen speaks about in, Goddesses in Older Women, the Archetypes in Women over Fifty, that resonates to me. Actually many resonates with me. Jean Shinoda Bolen is a leader in goddess mythology.

However, this one stands out, Kali Ma, she is fierce protectress. She has three eyes, her tongue hands out, her mouth drips with blood. She has a third eye. Her right hand is open and her body is naked. She is dancing, she is about transformation and quite strong.

In the myth of Kali and the Demons, she warns she wants change. She is almost invisible to people with her appearance in a unconscious way, that makes her so angry. The legend then represents the war that goes on within us all.

Her identity is difficult. We hear this alot she is possessed, not respected.

This story can go on and on but it’s so valid and true today, our desires, are they real or not. There is a challenge of all this anger. We are the lioness who is ready for change.

I am telling you the Empress Mindset for Vision includes the KALI archetype. She is a powerful feminine fierce goddess and knows the power of herself to the world.

Don’t deny your truth as Kali always has your back.

What are the ways you nurture this madness, rage and clarity in your own life.

Here is a mindset tip: first write something not working in your life and on the other side of the page write the positive affirmation what is can be working in the present language. Read this out loud daily and do it for 30 days.

This is a highly used mindset technique that serves influential leaders in sales and marketing. I recommend you use it for your brand and essence, with your new attitude and create top ways you want to receive more of your desires in your life.

Keep going and dance with Kali

Jane Morba