I was open and seeking a new community but didn't know it. I was ready for a change. An opportunity came before me as in a fb live.  A women leader grabbed my attention with the truth. It was a place where I can learn and grow into my business with more impact. When people come forward we know we need to be open to it especially if it resonates with our calling. 

A holistic hair line with an mlm company presented itself to me and it grabbed me by surprise and it's going to change the way I do business in 2018! I already got certified as a life coach and now ready to take my coaching to my mlm clients with impact. 

I believe in holistic wellness and was craving more from my product line. I am desiring and deserving more from life with passion and purpose. Teaching women to be empowered is my focus.  To step into health, wellness, beauty and money will be an epic way to live. 

Watch it grow folks! We won't be turning back. 

No more dependency, enter community, let go of isolation and learn and grow with a stellar social media team. Celebrity Style!  We as women are the ones making decisions for our bodies, hair and lifestyle. So we have more control over what we put on our bodies. We can build a business with vision. 

I believe in the impact we can make in our lives and totally invite you to a webinar tomorrow night Thursday Jan. 25th at 7 pm est. on this powerful opportunity. 

 Message me directly and I will send you the link.

Are you ready to join the #MillionHairClub Look forward to sharing the wisdom.

JANE MORBA / Vibrant Lifestyle Coach