from inner to outer transformation femme style 

from inner to outer transformation femme style 



If you feel a confused about your PURPOSE and just wish you could figure out how your radiant magnetism emerges for your feminine energy and global platform, I understand


I relied on others and not myself. This is most important message, how Do I become more visible and create a lifestyle with my brand ESSENCE. 

Now I created a my own thought on this with my training, Coaching and multi-level marketing and branding at the same time. My favorite place to visit is traveling to the red rocks of Vegas and the sparkling lights where I feel the most lit up and inspired on my purpose. 

Let me share something about my drive.

I am not interested in playing small.

By the way, I’m not even more clever but I just decided what I want for my self and others is a great more than we get.

I just learned to offer my passion of INTUITIVE LUXURIOUS LIFESTYLE and others success who are willing to invest in their results to be more powerful than they imagined, a magnetic expressive life+style and the ability to express themselves according to their image.

So, if you’re feeling you might not have what it takes to have more money, and expressive lifestyle and impact in the world then you are mistaken...

YES YOU DO! I been in a passionless relationship, in debt and down and out, I lived the high life, I know it's important to do it right for yourself. 

As a holistic arts mentor, certified life coach, starting all over from down and out to getting it done in my feminine AUTONOMY, IT was worth it.  

you move through your limited mindset, and doubts.

Your willingness to access your joy will be magnetically buildt on your vison for freedom at your core. deciding AS AN ALIGNED SPIRITUAL WARRIOR, I am going to make money. 

I been a creative image maker and studied with the celebrity photographers in Las Vegas for years, after a long career, I lacked the sustainability.  My health and energy gave out, this was receiving a big lesson for change. Branding is so important as much as purpose. 

I now learned how to be my own coach, as A soulpreneur business owner to vitality and lifestyle I chose this path and to be in the essential oil business for residual income.

It's a calling for a successful empowered lifestyle for women.

I DECIDED THAT BEING my own heroine and WARRIOR IS WAY MORE IMPORTANT and my mission, EVEN IF IT IS LONELY, an influencer we can lead.

I been A MENTOR BUT I AM ALSO A BUSINESS WOMEN and the healing arts and for decades, I NEVER GAVE UP on  SUCCESS and learning from the masters.

I have been at personal growth seminars and studied life coaching with high end mentors like gina devee, iconic visionaries and branders AND FROM THE SOPHISTICATED CREATIVEs. I have so much wisdom to impart, SO IF YOUR TIME IS NOW, REACH OUT AND LET'S GET YOUR HIGH VIBE WISDOM INSTALLED IN YOUR BODY, MIND AND SOUL. 


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  • FOCUS ON YOUR HEALTHY AND BEAUTY LIFESTYLE, WORK ON YOUR IMAGE ALCHEMY so you are able to tap into your vision clearly.

  • FOCUS ON MINDSET so you are willing to receive it and drop the struggle. 

  • RADIATE  INNER aspect of YOURSELF and self care so you are CONNECTING TO YOUR SELF LOVE. 

  • FEEL alive with your vibrant ENERGY designed with a protocol. 

  • Attract your Soul Mate Clients WITH EASE.

  • Connect with your higher purpose AND BUILD SUCCESS. DISCOVER YOURSELF through vision boards and biz systems. 

  • LEARN systems and structures and brand yourself with your visibility. 

  • Make money as an entrepreneur & affiliate marketing.

  • Experience luxurious destinations retreats with me as your guide.

  • Develop more loving and compassionate relations starting with you.

  • MAKE money as your ability to create a legacy.





If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable. You disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is compromise. - anais nin

Here is what people say

" From across the Ocean, Jane and I have been Mistress-Minding and brainstorming about our growing Biz Niz for several months now. It is the most amazing experience when you get a pair of wise, knowledgeable and creative eyes on your work. Jane has been solid as a rock and femininely intuitive in giving me the support and guidance i have needed to progress. We have had some fabulosa wild laughs too! I have have been venturing back into video and Jane has provided tips and practical steps so as to put the zing and zest into my Fifteen Minutes of Fame Chat Show series. Of course, naturally - we have recorded a show together! - Georgia Varjas

“After coaching with Jane I was able to put together my spiritual business mindset into one package and program to develop a fluid business of my dreams and added much more success to my lifestyle ! I am so grateful to our work together!  I highly recommend Jane for branding, intuitive spiritual biz reflections. 

Tracy Nosal  Empowerment Intuitive Coach NJ

“ I find working with Jane to be in the hands of a compassionate mentor that's your bigger vision in mind. She is an awesome spiritual teacher, I was able to uplevel my holistic game and mindset. Thank you ! 

- Rae NJ

“I had the ability to finally speak clearly and boldly in her feminine empowerment coaching and I learned how to be on the fast track to being a personal trainer with purpose including all my gifts in place. It was amazing working with Jane, she is very intuitive and i trust her with my inner and outer game”. Thanks 

Sarah Personal Trainer Australia





I want to join your stellar luxurious femme and intuitive coaching  program.

I understand this type of coaching is about transformation. 

1:1  60 -   mins coaching calls



  • Focus on Outcome and what you want from from the inside out.

  • What brand and image and actions you need to take to attract the right life 

  • How are you showing up in the world and adding value and what is your daily process like. 

  • Build a fulfilling life that supports your freedom and values with your lifestyle in desired mapping. 

Designed by me your feminine mentorship based in style + business

Tap into knowing, create magic, mentorship is trust and to be supported in your vision, accessing vibrations for mindset and complete pussy flow and pleasure of being. 


Being in your image alchemy vision and vibrant lifestyle that lights you up yet supports you on the inside. Designed for Alchemy, Power, Pleasure, Body, Boundaries, Focus, Waves and Light of what you Desire. 


I am so ready

Pay in full 2 months program

Uplevel your holistic life, brand and start your business 2 months


I'm Ready

Pay in full

 3 months rebranding, biz and REDESIGN YOUR feminine lifestyle



Inquire about a pay in 3 payments to get started, I would be happy to accommodate you. 




Still have questions and want to make the connection?

Sign up for a 1 hour session for breakthrough lifestyle session gain insights to your life's purpose and branding or financial feminine flow strategy.  


If your feeling ready to say YES and excited to work with a high level mentor then sign up now and I will be in touch. 

Do you want to go back to struggle? 

Be in your low vibe and no income to show for it?

Do you want to continue to struggle with your body?

Work too hard and not be in flow?

Not believe in your value?

This is an amazing pathway and opportunity to be in your passion with connecting with your style and magnificent Living.

The decisively lifestyle is made for women at any stage to exclusively create an impactful journey to another level.

I will support you to focus on what you want in your life, with authentic magnetism and feminine empowerment.  You will find freedom and extra income to be a trailblazing global leader with feminine group of women and solid entrepreneur attitude. 

Are you ready to be a bold visionary women and communicate and be confident and empowered a world of change without relying on your sexuality and looks but on your mission statement I am for you. 

Let's get there and finally commit to a vision with an improved outlook on life and build a business with wellness alignment. 

Pathway to Your INTUITIVE Lifestyle with Freedom

You will receive 7  60 - 90 minute coaching sessions.

Audio Downloads and calls via zoomchat and dropbox

Private fb page for all communications if desired


Be supported by a high end Mentor who has got your back, who will intuitively provide you insights  where we will artfully design your LIFE for an upgrade, pleasure and success. I have trained with gina devee and been certified in her coaching style and can bring the wisdom and skills to keep you focused. 

You’ll experience new breakthroughs, be anchored and grounded to your core values to make the changes towards confidence and global freedom. 




I already know I can do this on my own why do I need a mentor


Yes, but it’s the laser focus and intuitive deep listening that will challenge your own beliefs to make massive change with feminine empowerment and principles will upgrade your life. 

I am an experience leader and successful in my life will this be needed to help me?


Be in gratitude of your lessons AND life, STEP INTO YOUR brand, passion and smarts, BE WILLING TO change everything with confidence in structures and accountability to get things done with new knowledge and techniques. YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE AND I HAVE INCREDIBLE RESOURCES FOR YOU TO SUCCESS AND SOAR! 


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