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Ready to dream beyond being irresistible and sexy with feminine empowerment as your principle and lead your purpose. 

put that in a box. make it pretty


Feel stuck in a low end vibe and just wish you could figure out how your magnetism and  beauty can create opulence and freedom




As a boudoir and portrait photographer, I made hundreds look beautiful in front of the camera with my self esteem skills and technique, however, I knew it was time to be in front of the camera myself and start shining based on my feminine power.

I just got so burnt out and lost my spark for the art of image making and my own relationship was passionless, hardly being of service to the world. 

I ended up even more burnt out by getting into a fast paced high end spa doing bodywork, and not seeing my complete value of my worth as a high end lifestyle mentor for what I truly desired.

I relied on a product line and not myself. 

Now I created a popular coaching business, traveling to the red rocks of Vegas and the sparkling lights where I feel lit up and supporting women and men creating real impactful lives.

Let me share something about my drive. I am not super talented.

By the way, I’m not even a better Intuitive Empowerment Coach.

I just learned to drive my passion towards my clients success 

who are willing to invest in their results to be more powerful than they imagined in a femi-fest business, a sexy expressive lifestyle and ability to believe they deserve more.

This is opulent success for both of us.

So, if you’re not feeling you might not have what it takes to have more money, a brand, expressive lifestyle and impact in thew world and sensuality that explodes then you are mistaken….

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As a daughter of immigrant grandparents and deaf parents from New Jersey, Yes you can do it too

When you move through your limited mindset, doubts.

Your willingness to access sensual feminine joy will be opulent global freedom at your core.

I been a 6 figure destination wedding photographer and studied with the Celebrity Photographers in Las Vegas for years. 

I now coach international clients from Ohio, Michigan, Florida, CA, New Jersey, England, Denmark, Australia on personal spiritual growth to creative platforms and sexy empowerment.

I been in my coaching business for a year and been in the healing arts for decades.

I have been at personal growth seminars and studied life coaching with high end mentors , iconic visionaries and branders.



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I had the opportunity to work with successful mentors, seminar with Tony Robbins, Eric Worre, Gina Devee. As well as iconic leaders as Evenie Schultz and Thalia Black.

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SO in my Dazzle Rebel Mentorship you will….

  • Build your dream wealth consciousness so you value your wealth.
  • Overcome any limiting belief system
  • Gain clarity of your spiritual and holistic wellness and energy routine 
  • Dream into your life on your terms
  • Move beyond mediocrity
  • Live visibly with your refined energy style based on elements
  • Lead with wisdom 
  • Have a lifestyle that connects with your purpose
  • Over shadow the noise and fine tune your knowingness
  • Connect with our higher purpose and mastery of self expression of where you are now in your life
  • Rebrand yourself and refine your images to match your image
  • Heal your feminine power supported by the masculine 
  • Establish your purpose with the right tribe
  • Release the Rebel with Confidence
  • Speak Clearly and Act Boldly
  • Intuitively set the zone of your sacred space
  • Create a good iconic story with all your teachings
  • Build your Iconic Voice and Tone
  • Promote your products and Purpose
  • Tap into our Feminine Divine Sensual Energy
  • Be drama free and live with ease and flow
  • Create luxurious destinations as your mission and purpose

Here is what people say

“After coaching with Jane I was able to put together my spiritual business mindset into one package and program to develop a fluid business of my dreams and added much

more success to my lifestyle - Tracy Nosal  Empowerment Intuitive Coach New Jersey

“ Empathy, present and good at asking the right questions.

Questions that make me see things in a different light, and thereby can make the changes to a more joyful life. I will recommend Jane to anyone that would like to step in and step up in life. To elevate and have a life that is more than I imagined. Jane is good at reframing beliefs and is a true belief-killer. 

- Jesper  Joyful Living Denmark

“ I find working with Jane to be ain the hands of a compassionate mentor that's your bigger vision in mind. She is an awesome spiritual teacher - Rae New Jersey

“I had the ability to finally speak clearly and boldly in her dazzle rebel program and learned how to be on the fast track to being a personal trainer with purpose including

all my gifts in place. It was amazing working with Jane, she is very intuitive and i trust her with my inner and outer game”. Sarah Personal Trainer Australia


I want to join Dazzle Rebel Mentorship

I understand this 8 week course includes

8 - 60-90 minute calls one on one coaching

Welcome Packet and Client Contract

Private fb group

Bonus $587 branding board

  • Magnetism Empowerment Assessment
  • Energy Past Life Clearing
  • Life Purpose Intuitive Birthing Process
  • Individual Health Assessment and Energy Routine
  • Style Suggestions based on your soulful element son standing out
  • Sensual Attraction formula of Desires and Purpose Make-Over



I’m Ready

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Receive my 7 tips to be a Dazzle Rebel Lifestyle 

A 20 minute routine you can start immediately to high vibe your purpose

Receive a 30 minute Vibrant Sensual Lifestyle Feminine Empowerment Guide for the first 15 people to register for Dazzle Rebel Mentorship 


Being in your Empowered Woman and heal your blocks to live a sexy opulent lifestyle call. 


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I’m Ready 

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If your feeling ready to say YES and excited to work with a high end mentor




Do you want to go back to the mundane 

Be in your low vibe and income. 

I might look like it’s easy but if I share it was a burn out and struggle but discovered 

the secrets to living on purpose and then watch I help you do that too!

Do you want to continue to struggle with your body.

Work too hard

Not believe in your value?

This is an amazing pathway and opportunity to your sensuality and opulent wealth.

The Dazzle Rebel is made for women and men at any stage and exclusively to up level and improve their lives and take it to another level and build on what you already know.

I will give you the focus of what you want in your up level of magnetism, you will find freedom and extra income to be an opulent global leader with feminine based principles. 

Are you ready to be a bold visionary women and men who want to be confident and empowered in your body and sensuality.

You will receive exercises every week to go deeper into your alignment. You will have goals set and mindset practices that align to your higher purpose. 

You will receive 8 action packed coaching sessions.

Downloads and calls via zoom.

Private fb page for assignments. 

Be supported by high end Dazzle Rebel Mentor who has got your back, who will pray for you and privately support your journey

You’ll experience new breakthroughs immediately yet be anchored and grounded to your core to make the changes towards opulence and global freedom.




I already know I can do this on my own why do I need a mentor

Yes, but it’s the laser focus and intuitive deep listening that will challenge your own beliefs to make massive change with feminine empowerment and principles.

I am an experience leader and successful in my life will this be needed to help me?

Be in gratitude of your lessons but your life, brand sexiness and smarts changes everything with confidence in structures and accountability to get things done with new knowledge and techniques.