Life Coach for Style Biz Success for Visionaries  to make an impact in your life .


I am a Feminine Empowerment Life + Style + Business Coach for Successful Visionaries to uplevel their passion and power in life. 

I support people to create a purposeful lifestyle that steps up your health and wealth at any age and thrive.  As an empowerment coach with mindset, goals and product affiliation I am a mentor who has your back. My experience in photography will help you with identifying your brand, social media skills and taking decisive action to build a business and dream vibrant lifestyle to step up your confidence and build your financial security. 


Design your elevated life in wellness to enhance your ageless vitality andyour life as a soulpreneur that matters to you. Be an essential oils wellness advocate and make residual income in your business and join a global team of leaders. 

Take in the elegance, zen, eco, chic lifestyle and feel you deserve to receive it. 

 Step into decisiveness in your entrepreneur life and style that is totally doable.  Start loving your new colored life!  

My Journey

*  Kick Ass 6 figure Wedding Photographer in Carmel, California for 7 years before my burn out and getting into coaching and network marketing.

* Yoga Goddess Teacher on the Chakra's to align to my wellness.

* Photojournalist for a Independent Newspaper for 4 years in CA, documented soup kitchens, politicians and celebrities like Kevin Cosner and Justin Timberlake on golf courses.

* Fluent in American Sign Language

* Artful Gallery Curator 

* Network Marketer and proud of it

* Life Coach Certification with Divine Living Academy 

* Polaris Member 



Graduation for my Coaching Certification 

Las Vegas  with our Yoga Teacher Gev, he's awesome and Ken my family member and peeps who help me with sunrise photo shoots, body, mind, soul connection! 

Hanging out with Mariana in LA 

Hanging out with Mariana in LA 

Be addicted to your relationship to success
- Jane

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