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curator, coach, influencer, goddess, changemaker


Jane is a certified Life Coach. and Motivator for Sensational Women Entrepreneurs looking to save time and money and creating a culture where people are connected community to influence their lives.

She studied women’s studies and fine art photography, trained in energy healing, yoga, shamanism, and photographer curator.

Jane blends eastern and western ways of thinking, life is a sacred calling, and woven in with personal growth from the heart. By practicing joy, generosity and compassion it is something I value in my team and relationships.

Growing up with Armenian Immigrant grandparents I learned the value of moving to a new land and new ways of living.

Her parents were deaf so I learned American Sign Language and deeply part of this culture with great clarity and care.

Raised traveling with my mother, and traveled extensively in my younger years such as Aspen, Canary Islands and Hawaii, I was led by the international relationships. I led a solitary life, as the youngest child. My journey became my quest for my new home 3000 miles away to CA and back to my roots to start a new life.

Jane’s visual life was part of my career. As a photographer, I documented weddings in Carmel California, Lifestyle Portraits, and Photojournalism as well as Lake Como, Italy and Wanderlust Yoga transformational retreats.

Jane is a holistic arts mentor and visual curator. Supporting women to create a life around the direct sales and Essential Oils Business with Empress Motivational Influence Programs to teach Sensual way of being and develop Sovereignity.

Establishing her knowledge in branding, sensational beginnings and vibrant lifestyle, social media for the ultimate vision in biz, she keeps pushing forward. Dropping the struggle for visibility she is leading the way for others to make money with their new speedy brand and biz on line and off with training in soulful sales strategies.

Jane is focused on globally building independence in the larger vision of empowerment through do Terra oils international with her team which is expanding in many countries.

Her truth is to create a shift of mindset and belief that women are to trust their power to continually lead towards success, wealth, power and holistic lifestyle. Yes, You can have it all.

Jane lives in the North Jersey, frequents Las Vegas near the red rock desert and she taps into her spirituality and empowerment,  travel and retreats.

Jane focuses on the Empress Motivator Strategies for Sensational Women and Essential Oils Team Building. While Supporting her Essential Oils Leaders Globally in relentless ways. Her purpose is to motivate people to see the larger vision for themselves and creating a culture where people are connected to a community and out of isolation.

Jane was a 6 figure wedding photographer in California. She has studied with Anna Halpern transformational movement teacher Angeles Arrien, the Symbolic Life Mentor, Wowza Eliza Lodge the Ageless Vitality Mentor in California and apprenticed with her radiant programs. Peruvian Healer, Eleanor Amendolara from the Sacred Center, Warwick, NY. She likes all things sacred but knows stepping into the world to accomplish things we need body awareness, health, oils, and a clear empress strategy.

She spent time learning the ways to connect from online to on the ground in all relationships, The feminine prosperous principles is a blend of social media biz building, pleasure in Las Vegas and creating brand videos and photo shoots. My love for teas are eclectic, my diet is mostly plant based and working on more refinement and I love photography, good conversations and being in the game.


My Story

From behind the camera to in front of the camera she created a new bright light to motivate and influence women leaders.

II reclaimed my life through the healing arts and body work, and returned back to my roots on the east coast. My focus has always been to empower women and it’s my dream to support their vision to build a mlm empire.

That is when I decided
that my global essential oils team which is based in CA and Senegal was my path to connection and freedom.

I am excited as we are growing in Europe and South America.

I wasn’t until I started to focus on my business with social media skills and international essential oils, my life shifted in my purpose with new an empress encoded vision.

The Essential oils gave me back my holistic focus and I am training others to be recruiters and develop into more top leaders where they can see the path to freedom in our lives in sharing and strategy and endless growth.

That is where we should focus on, develop a new life support system and drop the fear. This is about how we can put our lives into focus and go for our feminine mission.

I am part of a bigger global mission, helping so many more people step it up.

Women call the direction, we need to make a clear decision that we are valued and we need to focus on creating a culture where we succeed.

I am here to share a high level empress strategy with you, from health, wellness and feminine flow, funnels, and webinars and lifestyle and the life you love and desire..

I am a motivator for you to grow and evolve with a team together.

I consider leadership is our opportunity for growth and courage to succeed.

This is a very important aspect of personal growth. Our subconscious thinking is something that has been handed down to us from our family and ancestors, In my family I grew up with entrepreneurs but we need to spiritually activate it.

We all have a story, don't make it about them, take responsibility and leap into it and use the experience to build your business, brand and platform to succeed in the world beyond what you imagined.

Motivating Empress that has your back and supporting women to take a leap of ultimate faith into their vision.