I always crave a life supporting the visionary with bigger dreams and the entrepreneur who takes risks to define the life they want, yet it takes time and alot of consistency and we all need support. 

If I could tell you about my struggle and missed opportunities, I am sure you could have them to share too. Except we are not that type of people, we move on and keep going. 

I want more than ever to keep being innovative to share my life and success journey with you and how I brand and evolve myself and hope it can help you too! 

We desire the time freedom so we have the money to do what we desire, that is my goal. 

Artful Vitality Living for women, Brand Awareness, mindset and self worth, feeling vibrant in your body, mind and spirit, transformation, personal growth is my focus. it is my quest and I am here to share this content with you. I been a photographer, stylist, designer, yoga and dance teacher. 

I consider the leadership out in the world are all here to lift us up, inspire us and kick our butt, the creative artists and influencers know how we are being in the world today and impact the next generation. We are on a mission to succeed together. 

 Am I working on online strategy to bring new results from the inside out.  

This is a very important aspect of personal growth. It is always our mind that takes us out of the game.

Our subconscious thinking is something that has been handed down to us from our family and ancestors.

Now matter what situation you are in today,  we all have a story, don't make it about them, take responsibility and leap.



Let's get you ready to rise up to the Feminine Success you Desire.  We will work out the sharing story and then set the new powerful vision of your life in place.  That will be the first start of this journey. I am a certified Life Coach with Gina DeVee Life and Business Coach Academy. I gained excellent skills in coaching, and it's time to take your power back and be the best version of yourself.

Good bye and eliminate the limiting belief systems, design a brand from touch points beyond logo, reverse engineer your new story. Let's deep dive into what your really want to do in your life. Live it like it's already done, be tuned to your body and heal the story of yourself. You can do this and I will be your mentor that has your back.



Jane is life and success coach and holistic arts mentor and curator, a women creating a life around freedom and authenticity. she is a supporter of women ENTREPRENEURS, visionaries, healers, risk takes, that WANTS TO makes an impact IN THE WORLD through their soul gifts.

Life Coaching, branding, sensuality and vibrant lifestyle, social media training,  it's time to create power and my pleasure is finding spiritual life while building wealth. 

Jane is focused on globally building financial independence in the larger vision of empowerment.  

Her truth is to create a shift of consciousness and belief that women are to trust their power to continually lead towards success, wealth, power and holistic lifestyle.

Jane lives in the NY Metro area, frequents Las Vegas near the red rock desert and she taps into her spirituality and empowerment, find truth, travel and retreats.

Jane is a modern day  transformational teacher and has decades of collaborative experience with new thought leaders and ancient teachers to bring growth and understanding into our lives.. With many tools such as dancing, yoga, movement, meditation, the course of miracles and buddhism with self care, the time is always available to challenge our directions.  


Artful Lifestyle Session

This is about finding out what you want to bring into the world and get clarity in your business, brand, products and services.

We will talk about your branding and image alchemy, strategies online and  see where I can help you achieve more wealth, collaboration and holistic lifestyle and have an impact in the world. We take your whole life in consideration, with the pathway to success. 

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Are you ready to take control of your life as a feminine influencer. 

Willing to redefine your life aligned to your desire.

Reclaim what you sense intuitively in your personal life, business, creativity, relationships, finances and career?

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