Hello! I am Jane Morba. I am an Intuitive Coach for LifeStyle and Business so people can have confidence and transform your lifestyle. Start manifesting your desires, get out of the mundane and step into a stellar + style + biz with vibrancy and success! 


Hello Visionaries!

Welcome to the Portal of enormous growth and change coming your way. 

I always wanted to call my own journey and do it with style and wellness even before I can remember.

I call it a portal into my life with passion and power and pleasure to succeed. I have a love for photography even before the iphones. So I am obsessed with images and an eco friendly fashion style. Relationship building for me is based on heart, and I love creativity, yoga and being outside always suits me. I am totally influenced by the global scene. So I love to travel. 

My passion is to help people to take their vision and lifestyle in health and wealth and take this  seriously and live the life of your dreams.

I been a photographer for decades and living in the holistic arts and can tell you I care about being optimal, next to get more visible in your branding, social media in your business and support you to start your dream life within your marketing plan and develop a mindset aligned to succeed.

I can support you with your ageless vitality routines and start feeling sexier and live a lifestyle of luxury and impact globally. 

My goal and passion to to have people live more financially free and do it with ease and join the holistic movement of Essential Oils. I will give you tips on the oils I use, meditations, and more content as we go along. 


About JANE

Jane is a feminine empowerement lifestyle and biz coach, a holistic arts mentor and curator, focusing on inspiring people to build a life created around their brand aligned to their feminine.  Jane is a supporter of going for your decisive optimal wellness and financial desires, and doing that journey connected to you why and your way.

She transcends her wisdom towards encouraging and setting a strategy for new entrepreneurs with visual refinement and inner compass.

She is focused on globally building teams to focus on financial independence and branding. A certified life coach she learned from many top coaches and mentors.

It's time now for men and women to trust their power to continually lead towards success, wealth, pleasure, power and style. 

Her quest is about igniting these belief systems in women to shift the old paradigm into claiming the combination of beauty, fluidity and strength which takes focus for creating a legacy for the future. 

Jane, lives in the foothills of the lower Hudson Valley NY and spends time in Las Vegas near the red rock desert. 

Jane is a about health, wellness and wealth, using wisdom from her past and has decades of collaborative experiences with leaders  to bring forth more healing, growth and social media combined in our lives. With many tools such as dancing, yoga, movement, meditation, self care she can support you to take the biggest quantum leap of a lifetime, the time is always available to challenge our directions and Jane can do this with her clients with with decisive action. 




Have an analysis of your Lifestyle and Biz and receive insights into your life. We will focus on your inner calling and set free your soul purpose with abundance and a game plan

apply for a breakthrough session 

(value of $200)



Time has come where you are ready to create a life with more purpose of making money your way. Attract the right clients for being you. 

You are cultural but no longer want to be lead by the rules and the past, society or any messages that held you back. You are completely over and done with lack, overwhelm and despair just because the universe and you have not aligned to your vision.  I am assured that very likely you are missing one last piece to make this all come together for you. This comes beyond a simple system but a unique energetic understanding that mindset is to the core . We are called to tune into ourselves more than ever and having a mentor and guide is vital to the path of success.



  • brand yourself and align to a your residual income and strategy. 

  • connect with your why with your purpose in place.

  •  step into your feminine rocking leadership 

  • Stay tuned for independent courses to get you started  




 Learn about Essential Oils, How to use Social Media, Design your Brand.