Jane's coaching style is a powerful blend of insight, compassion, and intuition. Thanks to her expertise I've become more connected with myself, my unique strengths, and had breakthrough after breakthrough about who I'm meant to be and what I'm here for. I left each session empowered with the ability to take full ownership over my life, make confident decisions, and set boundaries that elevated me in my personal life and business. Coaching with Jane has transformed who I am as a person, and how I live my life. Thanks, Jane!


Yuki Graviet Knapp

Life Coach

Own Your Essence

Jane is a creative mind and a free spirit, I love our coaching sessions because with her help I was able to reach and strengthen my creative side, I was able to bring my wildest ideas to be implement in my business. She encourage me to always keep developing my creative part matching with my concrete part of the business.  Thanks Jane

Patti Ivette

Dare & Shine Coaching