Stellar Vision Journey Coaching

Redefining your life is a transformational process to step into your divine feminine empowerment.

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Stellar Vision Journey  

My intention is to live in health, wealth and beauty.

Waiting for consciousness to arrive is up to you.

Discover that you run the show

How you effect and impact those waiting for you


How designing the clear vision to smooth sail with a radiant lifestyle in your sensual vitality and greatest joy. Build a wealthy life based on purpose and support that is holistic medicine connected to your wellness, beauty and your quest for freedom. 

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Stellar Living by Redefining the self is a trusted style of discovery within the genius in your own life and living on purpose and passion. This is an iconic essence session, we will within the art of a personal brand restructure your evolution in business, health, energy all around your complete freedom and desires to bring in what is waiting for you, while you make a stellar decision for this portal a change, live where and how you desire in the world with impact.

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Jane Morba is a mentor who specializes in supporting you to access your inner power and create your mission and effective passion, Whether it is through building a residual income journey or bringing your wealth to others. My speciality is to create a system calling in your authenticity and learn the strategy to be in it with your stellar team.  I support visionaries, lightworkers, entrepreneurs, successful women in many fields, holistic leaders, creative types to also redesign and thrive and u plevel their impact in the world and make ambition a very sexy word connected to you. 


Are you ready to step up and transform your life with your lifestyle with the experience grounded in integrity.

 This Journey will be a celebration of you and following your desired emotions and self forward.

Ageless Vitality protocol with eclectic power, develop a practice of holistic strategy by design.  I am honored to live in wisdom and transform the radiance aligning yourself within your feminine power and create the financial freedom you deserve, surrounded a stellar team.

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Jane has changed my life in wonderous ways.


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Become who you were meant to be

stellar living by Jane

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