It is your time to rise and be the light you want to see.
— Jane gives you the ability to explore tomorrow with the gratitude meter.

Are you ready to take control of your life as a feminine empowered women. 

Willing to redefine your life aligned to your ambition.

Reclaim what you sense intuitively in your personal life, business, creativity, relationships, and fulfillment.

High Vibration Coaching is the ultimate in magnifying what is that you deserve to receive.


Stellar Luxe Goddess JANE

I am a certified Life Coach in a Business Coach Academy. Studied Women’s Studies and Fine Art Photography on the east coast.

I gained skills in coaching, shamanic studies, expressive arts massage and learned the schools of yoga. I consider myself a buddhist and love things zen and luxury.

Growing up with Armenian Immigrant grandparents I learned the value of moving to a new land and finding ones way.

My parents were deaf so i sign in American Sign Language and part of this culture with great clarity.

Raised traveling with my mother, travel developed a a compassionate visual life. As a photographer, I documented weddings in California, Portraits, and Photojournalism as well as Lake Como, Italy and Wanderlust Yoga Retreats as part of my transformational journey.


Jane is life and business coach with brand strategies and holistic arts mentor and visual curator. Supporting women to create a life around freedom and authenticity. Working with successful visionaries, healers, risk takes, and supports people who want to play on a larger stage. Life Coaching, personal branding, sensuality and vibrant lifestyle, social media training,  are part of offering the right women the ultimate vision.

Jane is focused on globally building financial independence in the larger vision of empowerment through do Terra oils and CBD oil through Prime My Body. 

Her truth is to create a shift of consciousness and belief that women are to trust their power to continually lead towards success, wealth, power and holistic lifestyle.

Jane lives in the North Jersey, frequents Las Vegas near the red rock desert and she taps into her spirituality and empowerment,  travel and retreats.

Jane is a modern day  transformational teacher and has decades of collaborative experience with new thought leaders and ancient teachers to bring growth and understanding into our lives.. With many tools such as healing arts, meditation, the course of miracles and buddhism with self care, the time is always available to challenge our directions.  Jane was a 6 figure wedding photographer in California and has studied with many artists. She has studied with Anna Halpern transformational movement teacher. Angeles Arrien the Symbolic Life Mentor. Wowza Eliza Lodge the Ageless Vitality Mentor in California and apprenticed with her radiant programs. Peruvian Healer, Eleanor Amendolara from the Sacred Center, Warwick, NY.

I grew up with immigrant grandparents from Armenia and my parents are deaf so i belong in two worlds. Story telling is a valuable skill, both in American Sign Language and understanding the family roots of what makes us unique and special.

I have a love for the arts, creative expression, and living close to my vision and dreams to create a new reality.

I spend time in nature, love the occasional city trips, Las Vegas, the beach and hikes in the country. My love for teas are eclectic and I love photography and poetry.

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Investing in yourself through the life you always wanted. It’s going to be the best decision you ever make. As women are emotionally intelligent if we tap into the source.

Decisively create a lifestyle of abundance and self care so you can build an embodied life with a radiant life and wealth actions. I am focused on creating a safe container for women to bring themselves to a larger platform integrating all of one’s own life’s work.

Myself, I was a burnt out photographer although I was successful in CA shooting weddings, landing sexy editorial gigs, life was passing me by. I was in a passionless relationship and my level of travel and intimacy was lacking. I decided enough was enough, I reclaimed my life through the healing arts and body work, and returned back to my roots, core and made a change to a new career..

I wasn’t until I started to focus on my business with social media skills and international essential oils, my life shifted in my my purpose, wellbeing and high level of care. The Essential oils gave me back my holistic focus and I branded me and got away from behind the scene into being right in front of the lens. That is where we should focus how we can put our lives into focus and reach our unlimited potenial.

Spreading the work of awakening and empowering for women through entrepreneurship.

Learn more about Stellar Vision Journey and Coaching and the lifestyle of Essential Oils to empower your life.


My mission is to coach women to to become empowered.

  • spirituality and business

  • relationships

  • health

  • money

  • creativity and image

  • sensuality

  • generosity and charities

I felt I was part of a bigger global mission, helping so many more people step it up.

We as women have grown, we are no longer codependent, we call the direction, dropping the not good enough, compared ourselves to others and not valuing our brilliance. So we need to make a clear decision that we are valued and we need to focus on our WELLBEING.

We will focus on self worth, your body, mindset and spirituality, transformation, personal growth and your Radiant Life.

It is my quest and I am here to share this high level holistic content with you, the highest in health, wellness and feminine flow and brilliance. I am a vision maker, I am a life coach, traveler, blogger and writer and now a multi level marketer with the best essential oils company on the planet.

I consider leadership is our opportunity for growth and to gain strength. Through adversary we can soar.

This is a very important aspect of personal growth. Our subconscious thinking is something that has been handed down to us from our family and ancestors, we don’t need it anymore. It doesn’t serve us.

We all have a story, don't make it about them, take responsibility and leap and use and experience to build your business, company, platform to succeed in the world.

I am a mentor that has your back.