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Hello, It’s JANE MORBA An empress mindset motivator, speaker on the art of fully receiving for entrepreneurs and networkers. Trust your story and vision to be visible and receive your freedom and create a style and life that inspires your tribe and world.

Your Wellness and Wealth LifeStyle and Business Guide

I am JANE, and your empress mindset motivator so you empower your thoughts with passion with vision and wellness. I support people to step up their protocol on physical, wellness, skin care, selfish self care and tools for sacred rest in their lives so they can thrive fully in their feminine empowered lives that will change the financial game forever.          

 By making a decision to be happy healthy and wise, and co-collaborate with a your best self, you will be intuitively given a path of global wellness lifestyle, emotional balance, that will be transformative and financially prosperous.

A program designed to awaken your full potenial and self expression and a radical path of holistic living. By living the path of the Empress Motivator that empowers your body, soul, mind with high vibrational pathways to receive more prosperity on every level you will claim a bigger life.

The Empress Motivator is for women ready to play their full expression, as a visionary and successful entrepreneur with a step by step formula.

Time is inviting us to live every human way, drop the same, receive all parts of ourselves in beauty and truth connected to source.

Meet the challenges ahead and recognize that struggles are lessons to your ultimate power and awakening.


EMPRESS Living with PROSPERITY in your life and holistic biz. What is the true calling and purpose. I want you to build the lifestyle you desire and dream. It takes persistence to tap into your feminine power and next action.

Build the bold lifestyle you desire and design.

The Empress Motivator is stepping into a feminine art of claiming. As visionaries, creative types, entrepreneurs your life is waiting for you to claim it. With mindset, wealth consciousness, global holistic practices, you will be in a sacred space of elevated high frequency.  I am committed to being an online biz owner and invested greatly in branding and programs, signature systems and internet and social media. I depend upon you to take a stand for yourself. Every year my connections grow so they can be impactful resources for people, co-create with money in product sales with endless opportunities ahead of you, that is why I am offering the feminine motivator with step by step for holistic empire building and foundational self care focus..

I have experience in energetic style according to your element, as a energy worker,  thought leader, photographer, yogini, movement teacher, mindset, holistic arts, curator of design and branding.

I love to travel to the red rocks and want to travel with my team and create a team based on values and purpose. My inspiration is to focus on collaborating, sharing my secrets and networking so we receive support and design our uplevel lifestyle you deserve, be an individual but complex as a team.

Who is your inner feminine archetype, let her shine?