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Pathways chosen with feminine goals that will light you up!

Build the bold lifestyle you desire and design.

mindset, holistic practices, you will be in a sacred space of elevated high frequency.  

I have experience in energetic style according to your element, as a energy worker,  thought leader, photographer, yogini, movement teacher, mindset, holistic arts, essential oils, self care and legacy

I love to travel to the red rocks and want to travel with my team and create a team based on values and purpose. My inspiration is to focus on collaborating, sharing my secrets and networking so we receive support and design our uplevel lifestyle you deserve, be an individual but complex as a team.

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I am jane a life coach, ageless vitality mentor, where you empower yourself in high vision with wellness. I support people to step up their protocol on a new physical frequency, wellness, skin care, self care and tools for sacred rest in their lives so they can thrive fully in their empowered lives that will shift their abundance factor.       

 By making a decision to be happy healthy and wise, and co-collaborate with the universe you will deliver, you will be intuitively given a path of wellbeing, essential oils, cbd oils, lifestyle, emotional balance, and will test our physical body that will be transformative.

A personalized program designed to awaken your full potenial with radiance, self expression and a radical path of holistic living. By living the path of the Empress, you will unveil the matrix that empowers your body, soul, mind with high vibrational pathways to design a life on every level. Imagine having a mentor with resources, pathways and goals that will fine tune your life to achieve more success.

Meet the challenges ahead and realize that a full complete actualized life is ready for your next awakening.