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Dazzling Rebels that rock their high vibrational and magnetic confidence.


 Hello and Welcome Dazzling Rebel Tribe,

I feel it’s time to deepen the conversation of what matters.

I am filled up seeing revolutionaries, leaders and inspiring radiant change makers live a life you want

with authenticity health, beauty and strength.

Big steps to manifest results especially with your ability to think and grow rich.

Desire to create an action plan is your first step.

Here is what we will build together.

Use the imagination and bring your goals into crystal clear focus.

I want you to have the vision and dreams,

No matter how the past was created, there is always a second chance, what you want.

Here we develop vision, team and a blueprint for all aspects of your life.

Imagine a life of your dreams with impact where your future self is waiting.

You are the producer and visionary.

Step into this new future and let the past disappear.

Create an action plan to bring the energy into your vision, new story and blueprint,

do this with strategy, passion and purpose.


Pleasure & Passion & Purpose



  • Take the path that most won’t and be more traveled, build ease and self care into the journey.

  • Be part of the wellness revolution that is going to be in the billions and don’t miss this opportunity.

  • Surround yourself with a roadmap and pathway to generate success and money with pleasure and passion.

  • Talk about Masterminding with like minded people and start your vision of your life with accountability.

  • How I transformed my image many times over and I can show you how you can too.

  • Learn the skills that create a good communicator and questions that open doors.


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Jane is an Empowerment Mentor, Influencer. A women’s studies and fine art photography major, trained in energy, healing, yoga, shamanism, photographer and life coach. Jane blends eastern and western ways of thinking, life is a sacred calling, and woven in with personal growth from the heart. By practicing joy, generosity and compassion it is something I value in my team and relationships. Her parents were deaf so I learned American Sign Language and deeply part of this culture with great clarity and care. Raised traveling with my mother, and traveled extensively in my younger years such as Aspen, Canary Islands and Hawaii. I led a solitary life at times and then social with my sisterhood tribe. My journey became my quest for my new home 3000 miles away to CA and then back to my roots to start a new life after my creative career as a photographer. Now I am healer, feminine empowerment mentor and aligned to my passion power and purpose. I love sipping chai, kava kava tea, and step into my future self.
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“Infuse your radiant vitality into your life force and plan to succeed”

— jane morba

Welcome! Beauties,

Wisdom mentor, healer, well-being activist for over 10 years. I come from a photography background and love the elements of branding. I like to support women to trust in themselves and create a connective life to their desires to transform themselves and feel super secure.

I been there, the discontent, the coaches, the burn out, the courses, the overwhelm, the the divorce, the yoga, the care-taking, mindfulness, conventions and inspirations and let downs.

You must get happy, create money, have a better body and surround yourself with thought leaders that have your back so you become actualized.

It will take creativity and confidence. These are the skills that will need to be developed, nurtured and practiced. We don’t come into this world with them activated. We have to respond to the calling, so I invite you to the table and have tea and a serious chat with me. Let’s find the sweet spot!

Your new life will awaken you about energy, clarity, joy, community, wealth creation, beauty and radiance your way.

Don’t be left behind, the wellness movement is a billion dollar industry.

I would like to gift you a gateway to make it happen, your new life with clarity, energy, focus and happiness together you and me. We can do a few sessions together, a marathon, or retreat.

Are you ready for a transformation? You are invited to a 30 mins. free discovery call on your life, sign up for a clarity call and see how I can support your best journey yet.

Let’s make life better.

Time for Vision and Vision to support what you deserve.

Time for Vision and Vision to support what you deserve.

The invite of 3 ways to work with me.

Mentorship comes in many ways, creating a platform, intuitive biz support, beauty lifestyle. I focus on 3 pillars, Radiant Ageless Beauty/ Mindset and Health. Join the Holistic Business Plan, or if you want deeper transformative work come into a 4 to 6 months Creative Coaching Platform to bring out your highest calling. This will be digging deep with coaching, branding and reinvention. In our strategy call we will see which is the best plan and see how much of a fit we are to go all the way.


Mentor with me on beauty and confidence

This is deep dive program based on the 3 pillars including mindful desires and mindset, detoxification and self care beauty enhanced by your wisdom.

Join the your freedom life training with branding  Start to love and prosper within to align your new soulpreneur days ahead for freedom.

Join the your freedom life training with branding

Start to love and prosper within to align your new soulpreneur days ahead for freedom.

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Elite Dazzle Rebel Wisdom Life

Master your lifestyle, desires, beauty and sensuality and travel as a money magnet with a 3 to 6 months program..

You will receive accountability, pdfs, weekly and bi-weekly calls and option for a VIP day of your choice.



JANE is kali energy, she wants for you to have a breakthrough and invite you to discover your hidden desires and ultimately make it happen.


Working with Jane is to be in the hands of an influencer where your bigger vision in mindset is alive and well. She is an awesome holistic and wellness teacher. My habits and patterns changed and my wellbeing journey took a leap. - Rae

I finally spoke clearly in my mission and learned how to fast track my life as a holistic leader and personal trainer with purpose. I added all my hidden gifts and put it in one place and it was amazing. Working with Jane was intuitive and goal oriented. I trusted her with my inner and outer game. My holistic life became much more clear. - Sarah

I had the incredible opportunity to work with Jane on a mastermind which we spoke about it in terms our projects. We were expanding our vision in so many ways. From then I wrote a book and took the stage speaking many times.

I am grateful for the work we created together. Jane is an intuitive thought leader and removed the obstacles to get you where you want to go.


I had many intuitive sessions with Jane and found her business, intuitive branding and vision to be so helpful with my business in ways that really grounded and expanded my work. - Josie


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